About Us

Who we are

SSMI Group management consultancy has been around since 2000 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. We operate in a range of diverse, yet related, areas and service corporate and government sectors.

We strive to be an effective management consultancy that provides exceptional value to our clients.

Our Mission is short and simple – “To create value which is part of our client’s strategic aims”.

Market place value proposition

Our aim is to help our clients to achieve their potential.

Achieve client outcomes
SSMI Group has successfully completed a variety of assignments in different industries involving strategic and operational initiatives for our clients, to further enhance their sustainable competitive advantage and business performance.

Demonstrated skills and experience
Our team has executive and senior management experience developed in a variety of multi-national organisations. SSMI Group representatives have the ability to work closely with clients to successfully implement business objectives and manage critical initiatives.

Integrity and confidentiality
We take pride in completing every assignment with excellence. Integrity
and confidentiality are intrinsic to our dealings with clients and others.

SSMI Group has grown through recommendations and repeat business from clients, for whom we have achieved their desired outcomes whilst preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information. 

What we value

A small number of things have become critical to us over our years in business. Principally, it comes down to the importance of getting to know people and assisting them to achieve their objectives.

Strong relationships within oucr company and with our clients are the core  of everything else. This leads to trust, which is the basis for us working closely with our clients.

Work that excites us
We enjoy it when we assist clients to develop and implement strategies to meet their business goals. This kind of work excites us, develops a closer working relationship with our clients and gains peer recognition.

We strive to be effective with the work we do for our clients. Our goal is to contribute to the sustained growth of our client’s business – through the execution of vigorous and high-quality management consultant services, based on clear leadership and creative teamwork.

The way we do things

Our clients tell us that we are accessible and easy to work with. We listen, we develop rapport and work closely with client representatives at all levels. We provide the skills needed to assist clients to meet their operational goals.  

Our consultants and staff have a diverse range of skills and expertise. We use proven methodologies and tools to deliver a professional service. Developing and implementing a strategy for sustainable competitive advantage for a client doesn’t just happen. We systematically assist clients to improve their capabilities, and support their staff in developing and applying new skills.