SSMI Group's value proposition to
corporate client organizations

SSMI Group has demonstrated skills and experience to further enhance a corporate organization’s functions and capabilities. Our offerings are tailored to meet your organizational requirements - accommodating different cultures, geographic location, learning styles and employee skill sets.

We work closely with stakeholders to prepare a robust capability development framework covering the following key value proposition areas:

Organizational function and capabilities 
Develop strategies to further enhance organizational functions and capabilities to reflect corporate objectives

Review existing organizational functions and capabilities

Develop and implement improvement strategies.

Policies and procedures

Develop and document new policies and procedures 

Assess existing policies and procedures

Develop and implement strategies for continuous improvement.

Workforce development 

Develop strategies to reflect organizational functions and capabilities requirements

Establish benchmark skill levels by role type

Develop strategies to address organizational skill gaps

Assess existing strategies 

Workplace mentoring and coaching

Develop improvement strategies.

Training and assessment framework
Prepare a workforce development framework for consistent assessment of “competent” and “not yet competent” skill levels, matched with aligned training components and pathways

Develop robust and standardized resources for training and assessment reflecting required competency levels for different role types

Assess existing training and assessment resources

Develop and implement improvement strategies for all aspects of training and assessment.

Contribute to the business and operational performance of your organization

SSMI Group engagements have made contributions to a variety of areas within client organization perspectives, including corporate, regional, operational and employee:

Corporate perspective
Gained a sustainable competitive advantage

Increased market share

Increased shareholder value

Increased revenue

Improved profit performance - sustainable profits

Further enhanced continuous improvement / innovation capabilities

Defined global best practice.

Regional / operational perspective
Proactively and effectively supported regional and country specific KPIs – meeting the needs and expectations of Regional Managers and operational staff

Further enhanced abilities to cater for different cultures and learning styles

Further enhanced cross cultural communication and interaction

Supported abilities to consistently exceed the needs and expectations of customers 

Further enhanced capabilities for operational innovation and continuous improvement  

Further enhanced flexibility in servicing new and existing customers by developing transferrable skill sets within employees and representatives (contractors) 

Further enhanced the alignment of business processes to the requirements of organizational functions 

Implemented standardized skill levels training for employees and representatives to match specific roles and responsibilities. 

Employee perspective
Supported abilities to immediately apply new skills and achieve required objectives, by providing access to training directly related to workplace environments

Provided access to training aligned to roles and responsibilities

Provided access to training to support career path objectives

Provided access to training which addressed specified skill gaps and further enhanced skill strengths

Nurtured motivation and positive contributions towards organisation-wide roles.