SSMI Group provides a unique and agile cross - disciplinary approach to assist Governments in developing and implementing high value policy initiatives. Our expertise, coupled with real world skills and experiences across different sectors, enables the development of robust strategies and practical action plans in the areas of:

  • Policy development - Strategy and framework development
  • Policy implementation - Change management and project management
  • Review of policy initiatives - Business case development, performance and compliance management, financial assessment, business and operating model development
  • Unit or departmental capability development - Business process improvement, workforce development, change management, organizational development.

Project Management

Either during initiation of high value infrastructure or strategic projects, or part - way through the delivery lifecycle, we are able to assist Government representatives to ensure that projects support policy initiatives. Specifically, we have assisted Government Departments in the following areas:

Identifying project risks

Communicating project status through a reporting framework

Assessing threats and opportunities 

Clarifying and managing stakeholder expectations and requirements 

Prioritising activities

Assessing risk and developing strategies for mitigation

Identifying and documenting critical success factors during project lifecycles 

Developing effective project teams to meet required objectives 

Ensuring that projects are completed within required timeframes and budgets.

Business Process Management 

A key determinant of a Government’s successful delivery of high value policy initiatives is the effective management of complexity and resources. This includes managing project processes, activities and information – as well as the resources required for them. 

We work closely with Government personnel to gain further understanding of processes and:

Manage critical aspects of high value projects so that milestone delivery outcomes are met consistently on time and within budget 

Provide strategies to answer key stakeholder questions such as “how do we manage the project to minimize risk exposure?”

Define interactions between Departments and third party organizations to ensure that projects are efficiently delivered to stakeholder expectations

Ensure a robust reporting framework is in place to monitor and report on actual project delivery performance aligned to defined objectives

Streamline existing processes to further improve operational efficiencies.

Third Party Management

Third party providers are an integral part of a Government’s ability to develop infrastructure and capabilities, and/or to support policy initiatives. Effective management of third party providers is critical in managing risk and is an essential element of good corporate governance and management practice. SSMI Group has developed strategies to support Governments in:

Negotiating with third party providers, so that high value projects meet anticipated outcomes

Monitoring third party performance – actual versus agreed

Implementing or reviving third party continuous improvement initiatives, to improve the efficiency of project delivery 

Generating efficiencies for third party scope of work deliveries – processes and skills for accepting or rejecting activity outcomes at milestone points

Managing third party relationships and information flow

Reporting on third party performance during defined aspects of the project delivery cycle.

Contribution to Government policy initiative

SSMI Group’s skills and experience have supported Government Departments in successfully delivering policy initiatives from the following perspectives:

Project management

Enabled Governments to deliver policy initiatives on time, on budget and with quality outcomes that met project sponsor demands.

Business process management perspective

Defined processes to manage the efficient and successful delivery of high value strategic projects to meet milestone delivery outcomes.

Third party management perspective

Further enhanced systems and procedures to manage third party providers so that the needs and expectations of key stakeholders and project sponsors are met.