Our Clients

We treat client confidentiality very seriously and that is why we don’t say much about our clients and the type of work we do for them.

We have been fortunate to work across a wide range of industries and sectors including – governments, first tier telcos, first tier general insurance, asset management, food processing, manufacturing and engineering, transport and logistics, aged care, health, automotive OEM, first tier automotive OEM suppliers, mining, education, small technologies, and law enforcement agencies.

Examples of SSMI Group client projects

Developed a government policy framework to further enhance the technology capability of the advanced manufacturing sector to realize sustainable growth and integrate into global supply chains

Assisted a global first tier company to develop marketing, aftersales and support strategies, to meet growth objectives in targeted Asian countries

Assisted a major global vehicle manufacturer to establish a greenfield workforce development facility which now delivers best practice accredited and non - accredited vocational education and training to dealer service and vehicle manufacturer staff

Worked closely with major general insurance organizations to develop and introduce industry best practice claims management business models for automotive and building divisions to improve profit performance, enhance customer service delivery and drive industry work practice improvements

Developed a proprietary product development strategy for a first tier logistics company servicing the mining sector to sustain a competitive advantage

Developed a continuous improvement framework to realize maintenance cost saving opportunities across the enterprise for a first tier service company in the mining sector

Worked closely with governments and sector stakeholders to develop and deliver policy initiatives promoting the delivery of higher level skills training to address skill gaps in strategic sectors

Tasked by Government to identify European based small technology opportunities for organizations operating in manufacturing, electronics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical, transportation and sustainability sectors

Developed an enterprise wide water management strategy to further improve the environmental footprint performance for a client operating in the aged care sector

Assisted  a client’s executive team to create  a robust workforce development strategy to upskill client staff and further enhance the organization’s capabilities in project management and innovation

Developed a variety of training and assessment platforms to further improve organizational capabilities for clients operating in the automotive, asset maintenance, business services, food processing, foundation skills, information technology, manufacturing, metal and engineering, retail services, tourism, hospitality and events, training and assessment, transport and logistics sectors.