Our Staff

SSMI Group’s senior staff have diverse and extensive skills and experience in the following areas:

Organizational function and capability development

Strategy development and implementation

Organizational capability development 

Risk minimization capability development

Innovation capability development

Supply chain and procurement

Policy development to address skill gaps in strategic sectors

Management reporting

Technical writing

Establishment of quality management systems

Project management

Establishment of technical standards

Human resource management 

Change management

Policy and Procedures

Policy and procedure development and implementation

Auditing of existing policies and procedures

Auditing of existing management and quality systems

Auditing to ISO, and Vocational Education and Training standards.

Auditing of existing training and assessment resources.

Workforce development and training

Training and assessment framework development

Development of training and assessment resources

Development and delivery of accredited and non-accredited training courses

Development of English Language, Literacy and Numeracy resources 

Facilitator preparation, and delivery of train the trainer programs

Auditing of training and assessment strategies and resource.