We are in the midst of unprecedented transformation thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. The transformation is so compelling that according to many academics and industry experts it is being noted as Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0).

From the first Industrial Revolution (mechanization through water and steam power), Industry 4.0 will take electronics and information technology that was started in Industrial Revolution 3.0 and take it to another level due to big data and artificial intelligence (machine learning).

Industry 4.0 is creating profound new threats and opportunities for businesses.

SSMI Group can work with your team to pursue Industrial Revolution 4.0 opportunities to enhance your organization’s sustainable competitive advantage through (to name a few):

  • Improved process performance
  • Focused high value IT initiatives
  • Improved compliance, security and risk management
  • Improved market share and profit performance
  • Enhanced organizational agility and responsiveness
  • The organization having in place the appropriate skills and knowledge in the midst of skill shortages
  • Building new solutions based on data
  • New digitally – based products and services.