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We treat client confidentiality very seriously and that is why we don’t say much about our clients and the type of work we do for them.

Examples of SSMI Group client initiatives are as follows:

Assisted a global first-tier organization to develop digitally-based marketing, after-sales and support strategies, to meet growth objectives in targeted Asian countries

  •  Assisted a major global vehicle manufacturer to establish a greenfield workforce development facility to deliver best practice accredited and non – accredited vocational education and training to dealer service and vehicle manufacturer staff. This involved developing supporting policies and procedures and introducing a software Learning Management System.
  • Developed and implemented Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) related systems, policies and procedures to meet best practice standards
  • Established governance, risk management, and OHS committee structures including all ICT systems to support these structures
  • Undertaken technical and operational standards review, and developed and implemented strategies to ensure alignment with business and operational objectives
  • Assisted a first-tier global mining company to establish its production, distribution and retail supply chain in developed and emerging countries throughout strategic markets in the Asia Pacific, Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East
  • As part of supporting current and future industry needs, represented Governments to review Vocational Education and Training (VET) packages for the following qualification areas:
    • Consumer engagement via online and social media
    • Cyber-security
    • SME Digitization
    • Business Services training package representing over 50 qualifications used across all sectors
      Upgraded a plastics manufacturing business’ “unsupportable, end of life” ICT legacy ERP platform to meet the required business rules and process 
  • Created Business Continuity processes and systems for SME, corporate and government client organizations
  • Tasked by Government to identify European based small technology opportunities for organizations operating in manufacturing, electronics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical, transportation and sustainability sectors.