About us

We have demonstrated skills and knowledge

SSMI Group established in 1999

We deliver personalised management consulting services with a team of passionate and engaging individuals.

Our proven track record of accomplishments allows us to work closely with our clients to introduce practical strategies that address their strategic and operational requirements.

We have assisted clients in successfully integrating into global supply chains and developing new leading-edge capabilities.

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The way we do things

Our clients tell us that we are accessible and easy to work with. We listen, develop rapport, and work closely with client representatives at all levels. We provide the skills and knowledge needed to assist clients in meeting their goals.

Our consultants have a diverse range of skills and expertise. We use contemporary methodologies and tools to deliver a professional service.

Developing and implementing strategies for our clients to gain a competitive advantage doesn't just happen. We systematically work with them to improve their capabilities. We support their staff in developing and applying new skills and knowledge.

Fundamental to the success of 
SSMI Group are our corporate values


We take personal accountability for what we do and actively contribute in a team environment to achieve results

Products and services

Our products and services are the results of our efforts and the measure of our business and market success.


Earn and maintain the respect of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and the community at large


Business profits and market success are required to survive and grow


Being agile, receptive, creative, and continually improving is the foundation of our success


Our most valued asset. They provide our intelligence and reputation. Respect, involvement, learning, and teamwork are our core human values

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